How To Succeed In Sales As An Introvert


I’m a self-confessed introvert,  especially when it comes to working. I admit I feel more comfortable focusing on my inner thoughts and ideas and processing them in my lone time. I usually get myself easily drained if there are lots of bottlenecks and too much noise in my working space. When I’m being put in such situations, it feels as though my creativity to solve problems and come up with sound solutions is limited.

Yet contrary to what most people think, not all introverts are shy. We’re not that soft-spoken and socially awkward either. In fact, I’m often the life of the party when I’m with my group of friends. However, most introverts prefer not to put as much energy into social interaction, especially when it comes to working. And we simply desire more alone time to rest and recharge more than the average person does. 

Now you might ask. Can introverts be successful in running a business? If their energy gets easily drained when dealing with a lot of people, then how are they supposed to run a business?

In this article, I’m going to discuss why introverts are still bound to succeed in sales. I’m also going to cite the best digital products to sell if you’re an introvert. But first off, let’s talk about why introverts are better at sales.

Why introverts are better at sales?

If you personally know an introvert or if you’re an introvert yourself, you’d know introverts often talk less. They simply frown upon small talks. But once they speak, you’ll often hear things that are usually deep. That’s because introverts tend to process their thoughts more differently. 

Introverts listen more than they speak. And this is the very advantage of being an introverted salesperson as he listens to what the prospect has to say to come up with a perfect solution rather than speaking compellingly without being attentive to the prospect’s needs. 

Still not convinced? Then think about how introverts like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos succeeded in their own business pursuits.

How do introverts sell online?

It’s much easier for introverts to succeed in business now. Before the internet and technology existed for convenience, you have no choice but to roll your sleeves up and do hard-selling face-to-face. But as the economy digitally shifted, the way how business works also changed drastically. You can now make sales without opening your mouth or showing up in person.   

Here are the 10 best ways for introverts to sell online. Hint: Most of these don’t require products to sell but skills to offer.

1. Content Writing

Contents aren’t just written to inform and give readers value. They’re also written to gain authority in a business’ brand. When I still had my full-time job as a civil engineer, I worked as a content writer on the side to help businesses gain readers, generate leads, and let the brands authentically connect with potential customers by incorporating SEO strategy. 

2. Copywriting

I have kept this for a while but when I quit my day job as a civil engineer, I pursued the career of being a copywriter. Copywriting is also a form of writing but its main purpose is to advertise and make a sale. It ultimately persuades the potential customer to take any action in buying a product or a service. Unlike content writing, copywriting also has much better pay since you’re doing direct selling. In fact, it’s one of the most highly paid skills in the online world. Aside from the base pay, there’s also a high chance of earning percent commissions based on the sales you’ve made.

3. Ebooks

Businesses have already shifted online, and so are books. An ebook is simply a digitalized version of a book, which you can read on any device. If you’re into writing stories, textbooks, how-tos, or simply love solving other people’s problems through words, then you should definitely consider writing an ebook.

4. Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Voice Overs

Introversion has long been understood. And just because you’re an introvert, doesn’t mean you shy away from broadcasting yourself to millions of people. Creating podcasts and audiobooks can bring rewards for introverts who want to make use of their voice talents. If you have a talented voice and want to use it for monetary gains without revealing your face, this may be the perfect sales medium for you.

5. Graphics

Now if you’re that artsy type, you’re sure to love the fact that graphic design is greatly in demand nowadays. As we all know, people are naturally visual creatures, which is why it’s very crucial to catch the prospects’ attention through visuals. As a content creator, I’ve had several experiences working with online companies that provide graphic services. And most of these businesses are already earning multi-millions just by solely providing graphics. If you’re knowledgeable about digital arts and graphic design, now’s the time to monetize that talent.

6. Photography and Photo Editing

Again, as I’ve said in the previous section, people are visual creatures. So if you have a keen eye for photography and photo editing, let people pay you for those digital masterpieces. You can target providing your service in publications, websites, and multimedia projects.

7. Video editing (Animations and Video Clips)

As Youtube’s popularity soars high, the need for video content is becoming more in demand. If you’re fond of making or editing videos and animations, offering your service to vloggers, advertisers, or video game companies is an ideal step to take.

How to succeed in sales as an introvert

Even if most people think otherwise, you can be a successful salesperson even you’re an introvert. If you’ve noticed, the online money-making strategies for introverts I mentioned above do not necessarily require sourcing out products and selling them to people. Business isn’t just about selling products but is also about providing your services.

So can introverts be successful in business? You bet. Being effective in sales always come down to the skills you can offer that could bring in sales or could amplify brand awareness. And regardless of your personality type, as long as you’re able to deliver well, you’ll always have a place online to monetize your skills and talents.


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