My BuzzBreak App Review: Is It Worth Your Time?


A few weeks ago, I heard a buzz in our workplace that there’s this certain app called BuzzBreak. It lets you earn by simply reading news and watching videos. So I tried it myself. And it was a buzz indeed! But is it really worth your time? This BuzzBreak App review will tell you why it is and why it’s not.

Millennials these days are always on the go for side hustles with pretty much less the “hassle”. But most of the time, they tend to waste a hell lot of time on apps or sites that are either scam or are too difficult to cash out.

Some doomed apps have cashout restrictions like minimum cashout amount and/or reaching a certain number of referrals. I tell you, I’ve tried a lot of them. And most of them are just like that. Trash. Oh well, it’s free money so what do you expect?

But if you’re on to legit apps that monetize, BuzzBreak is one out of thousands of Apps that actually pays!

It is available in Play Store for Android and soon will also be available on App Store for iOS users. The question is, is it really worth it?

You might want to finish the article before clicking that Install button. 

Meet BuzzBreak.

Disclosure: Please note that this post may contain affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you. Still, everything you read in this blog is based on my unbiased verdict towards the products or services mentioned.

Read News, Watch Videos, & Earn Cash!

What is BuzzBreak?

BuzzBreak is an App that pays you for reading News, watching Ads, Videos, answering Surveys and Playing games. Actually BuzzBreak isn’t the first one. Similar Apps available for download are SnippetMedia and Noona.

Here’s what you’ll see on the app:

How Does BuzzBreak App Make Money to Pay You?

  • Feature articles. Fresh news from different companies and article writers are featured in the App. Giant news companies like ABS-CBN News, GMA Network, Philippine Inquirer, CNN News, Manila Bulletin, Rappler and KAMI feature their news in the app itself.

    As for content write-up, you might be familiar with these: When in Manila, Spot. PH, Preview Magazine, and

    These content creators simply use the BuzzBreak platform to have their articles viewed by many. So technically, you are paid by these companies.

  • Show Advertisements. BuzzBreak shows advertisements of leading companies and even Apps such as Expert Trader, IQ Option, Clip Claps and etc.

The Pros and Cons of Using BuzzBreak


  • Legit Paying App. By signing up alone, you will receive 15000 points. You can use my referral code: B07315670 and you will receive 2000 points. 
  • Updated and fresh news both local and international from renowned companies. 
  • Instant Cash Out
  • Payment option thru e-Wallet: PayPal
  • Hourly Reward and Daily Check-in
  • Every Wednesday, points earned will be doubled
  • Spin the Wheel and get the chance to earn 500 pesos. Inviting more friends will increase your chance of winning chance.
  • Earn free points thru Referral.
  • Bigger points as you rank up
  • Free points wall gives missions where you can earn points while answering survey, watching Ads, etc. 
  • Won’t eat up much of your phone’s storage
  • Get 20% of your referred friends points
  • There are daily missions for you to earn more
  • Last but not the least, funny Memes can be seen especially if you really are bored. Fun way to kill time.

These pros are enough to make you want to install the app. 

Now let’s see the CONS


  • You can’t input the amount for cash out. You have to make multiple cash-out transactions if you have a large amount of money in your wallet. If you have 500 pesos in your account, you should make 21 cash-out transactions since the maximum amount for cashout is only 0.50 dollars. That’s just roughly 25 Pesos or less per cash-out.
  • Very low cashout potential. You must have a lot of referrals in order to earn more points.

How many stars will I give BuzzBreak app?

BuzzBreak App Review: I’ll give it 2 out of 5 stars. 🌟🌟

Not only can you earn money. You can also be updated with what is happening in our world. This makes the entire app worth it.

You won’t be left out with the trending news like the breakout of the novel corona virus, the death of the legendary Kobe Bryant, shutting down of ABS-CBN and even trailers of upcoming movies.

If you’re bored enough, you can watch funny videos too. And yeah, memes. You have no idea how sucker I am for memes.

I really appreciate Apps like this one. An app that lets you hit two birds in one stone. Earning money and gaining knowledge. Being knowledgeable about recent events and world affairs is also an asset.

Had I not installed this app, I would probably feel left out. I had known that my favorite band will be having a concert here in the Philippines because of an article I read in the App.

I’ve been informed of the recent travel ban on places near the epicenter of nCov. That is how I informed my sister that her flight to Taiwan might be rescheduled or refunded.

Why give it 2 out of 5?

While this is a paying one, you can’t really rely on this app for your next meal. I can still find something that has a medium to high cash-out potential for tasks like online freelancing.

But then again, BuzzBreak offers FREE money, so you can’t expect that much.

How to Cash Out in BuzzBreak?

  1. First, you must have a PayPal or Gcash app, another separate e-Wallet apps. Your accumulated money in BuzzBreak can be transferred to any of the two when cashing out. Personally, I prefer Gcash since it is flexible and hassle-free.
  2. Choose cash out amount. 
  3. Choose pay out option. Either PayPal or Gcash. If you choose Gcash, enter your Gcash registered phone number.
  4. Click Cash out.
  5. All set. All you have to do is wait for it to be received in your wallet. You will also receive a text confirmation for it.

This may be a BuzzBreak App review but it isn’t the only one out there as I’ve mentioned above. SnippetMedia and Noona are also apps similar to Buzzbreak but I don’t recommend these apps for the following reasons:

  • Seems like there is a limit in redeeming coins. If a reward is sold out, you can’t possibly cash out.
  • There is a lot of missions to earn coins but they tend to be inactive.
  • Buzzbreak is the only app I did a legit cashout. So save yourself the hassle and spare yourself from installing useless apps. 

Should you give BuzzBreak App a try?

Scrolling non-stop almost 24/7 through that phone of yours, well, you should at least monetize from it. Easy to say but landing on sites and apps that really work and pay legitly isn’t that easy.

All is fair and square since there is no easy money and you really should reap what you sow. Even growth requires time so be patient in letting the money in your wallet grow. 

This app really is a good one but I have to be honest. It isn’t worthy enough to invest your time on it especially if your sole purpose is to earn.

You still need to accumulate around one million points to gain a dollar. I tried using this app for a day. And heck, I was only able to earn around 10 Pesos max. Imagine the amount of mobile data I wasted for such a small amount?

I was once a fan of free money. And I think nothing’s really wrong with it. All of us must always start somewhere. But if you’re serious about making money on the side, you should at least level up your skills.

If you, however, find doing your usual online routine while getting paid rather rewarding, then you should definitely give BuzzBreak a try.

Just. Don’t. Expect. Too. Much.

Happy BuzzBreaking!!!


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