Young Man Abandoned by Mom Now Works as Mandaue City Hall Employee


Young Man Abandoned by Own Mom in Mandaue Now Works as City Hall Employee

A young man who was allegedly abandoned by his own mother is now working as a Mandaue City Hall employee.

In an extraordinary twist of fate, a 17-year-old boy, along with his two siblings, allegedly abandoned by their mom, has found employment at Mandaue City Hall in the Philippines.

Taking on the role of an office aide at the Youth Development Office, the young boy, known as Daven (pseudonym), embarked on this new chapter of his life on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 (Wednesday).

Navigating his way through unfamiliar surroundings while grappling with the absence of his siblings, Daven admits to feeling a mix of adaptation and melancholy.

Despite the forthcoming challenges, he remains enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead and is grateful for the understanding and supportive colleagues he has encountered in his workplace.

“Medyo nanibago ko, trying to adapt sa environment sa (work) while sad nga nag-adapt ko na wala na akoang mga manghud as for now, For now, exciting siya pero padung na nga challenging pero naa man sad koy new friends (sa work) nga nakaunderstand sa situation,” Daven said.

The young man’s imminent transition into legal adulthood in October prompted the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to grant special permission to the Mandaue City government to employ him.

Expressing deep gratitude towards the city administration and those who have provided assistance throughout his journey, Daven acknowledges that this employment opportunity marks a significant step towards reuniting with his siblings.

Presently, Daven’s one-year-old baby brother and five-year-old sister reside under the care of the Hope of Mandaue Enhanced (HOME) Children’s Center, located in Barangay Basak, Mandaue City.

However, with a stable job secured, Daven is determined to fulfill his promise of reclaiming their custody and providing them with a nurturing environment.

Daven’s plea for assistance from Barangay Tabok officials drew widespread attention in May, shedding light on the family’s struggles following their mother’s alleged abandonment in March 2023. Their father was jailed due to drug-related charges in 2021.

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